Lizzie McGuire: Synopsis
As the title would suggest, the show is about Lizzie McGuire and her middle school adventures with her two best friends, Miranda and Gordo. Their adventures range from light humor topics such as dealing with crazy teachers to serious issues such as anorexia nervosa. While the show usually depicts a rather equal relationship between the threesome, Lizzie and Gordo have always felt a certain attraction towards each other. However, since they have known each other for their entire lives they prefer to keep their relationship at a friendship level. However in the last season Gordo finally admits to liking Lizzie, in which Lizzie responds with a kiss.

The show often has a subplot involving Matt, and his friends Lanny Onasis and Melina Bianco. Lanny is something of Matt's sidekick, and is never heard to speak as part of a running gag. Melina is less of a friend, and is constantly critical of Matt. Towards the end of the season, however, she became Matt's girlfriend.

The show has had many special guest appearances, among them Aaron Carter, Frankie Muniz, David Carradine, Doris Roberts, Shelley Berman, Steven Tyler, Erik Estrada and Haylie Duff, Hilary's sister.
Source: Wikipedia