About Léa
Léa was born in France on October 1st (the day Syd/Vaughn met, you guys!), she lives in the Paris suburb and I'm pretty sure I would have never met her in real life (but who knows.)

She's involved in many fandoms (like any fangirl would, lemme tell you), to name a few (and in no particular order); Jennifer Garner, Metric, Rachel McAdams, Bradley Cooper, Michael Vartan, Evan Rachel Wood, Rachel Bilson, Reese Witherspoon, Lee Pace and Adam Brody. You can easily guess from which TV shows/movies these are from but I'm gonna list them anyway; Alias, Chuck, The O.C., Veronica Mars, The Notebook, Notting Hill, Lipstick Jungle, How I met Your Mother, Music & Lyrics and much more (hello, she's a TV nerd, jsyk :B)

We randomly met on the internet in 2004, actually Léa contacted me, because we were cool like that with our Hilary Duff fansites (rip). I learned lots of things thanks to her, I like to think that she did too. We now share lots of fandoms, even though I'm more of a music person and she's more of a book/movie person, we fit each other in a not-so-weird way ;D Our personalities are different but they meetup at some point, Léa is more a shy person that keeps things to herself and trusts her feeling more than the facts (and she definitely knows how opposite I am.)
I know I can always count on her for anything, technologically speaking, school related, personal stuff, she has always been there ever since I know her and I'm so very thankful.

I can safely safe that I couldn't have found a better best online (duh, we're past online!buddies!) friend, I love you so so much girl ♥

Some of her websites
» Sweety Network, collective.
» Fan Attitude, fanlisting collective.
» Icon Box, icon archive.
» Rambaldoch, personal journal.