Hilary Duff
I've known Hilary Duff since I've seen Lizzie McGuire. I became a fan in mid-2003, just after her appearence in the movie Agent Cody Banks. I didn't knew her as a singer, at that time. After looking for more informations about her, I got hooked and started my very first fansite about her, and it's still opened now!
Rejected, x6
Thirty Seconds to Mars
I can't describe how much this band means to me. Thirty Seconds to Mars has his own universe, and I completly felt in love with their music at first listen. I'm always stunned when new songs are discovered, only this band can reveal such emotion in their music, especially during concerts.
Tokio Hotel
I've been contamined by a friend of mine, at the time Tokio Hotel only had songs in their native language, German. For some reason, I liked it, even if I'm not a particular fan of the language itself, I knew that something was coming up with this band, and here I am now, completely hooked.
Best. Show. Ever. First TV show I got addicted to. I will always remember when I could watch the complete series in a few days, not considering time, just watching. I can't get enough of this show, even two years after they stopped it, it will always be my ultimate show. Thank you for five wonderful years ♥.

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