Name : Bill
Last name : Kaulitz
Date and place of birth : September 1st, 1989 in Leipzig
Brothers and Sisters : Tom, his twin brother
Zodiacal sign : Virgo
Height : 1'75m
Eyes color : Brown
Hair color : Blond, dyed in black
Hobbies : Music and parties
Tatoos and piercings : 2 tatoos, one in the neck (Tokio Hotel's logo), and another at the abdomen (a star). 2 piercings, one on the tongue and another one at the eyebrow arch.
Favorite Band : Green Day
Favorite Song : Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
First album ever bought : Nena
First concert : Nena
What he wants : Have fun and beeing free
Motto : Leb' Die Sekunde (Live each seconds)